BOOKS & BLOG: November 12, 2020

Books: The Women in Black, Madeleine St John Spellbreaker, Charlie N. Holmberg A Deadly Education, Naomi Novik Devolution, Mel Brooks The Angel of the Crows, Katherine Addison American Demon, Kim Harrison Peace Talks, Jim Butcher Wolf’s Curse, Kelley Armstrong Trying...

BOOKS & BLOG: September 25, 2020

Blog post of NY Times Best Selling Author Charlaine Harris: “Reading is keeping me sane during this long slog through COVID-land. I do watch television, too, but reading is my primary thing, always…”

BOOKS & BLOG: July 28, 2020

Books: The Hazel Wood, Melissa Albert The Pearl King, Sarah Painter American Demon, Kim Harrison Walking on Water, Madeleine L’Engle To Marry an English Lord, Gail MacColl & Carol McD. Wallace Every Step She Takes, Kelley Armstrong Making Up and Pretty Face, Lucy...

BOOKS & BLOG: May 1, 2020

Books: Act Like It, Lucy Parker Murder at the Mena House, Erica Ruth Neubauer Death in the Family, Tessa Wegert The Animals at Lockwood Manor, Jane Healey The Magicians, Lev Grossman The Secret Chapter, Genvieve Cogman Ink and Sigil, Kevin Hearne Monster, She Wrote,...

BOOKS & BLOG: March 16, 2020

Aren’t we all a little surprised to find ourselves in this long-predicted situation? For years, decades, we’ve been warned that now we can travel globally, so can diseases. And here it is, COVID-19!