Pre-Order Now: Small Kingdoms and Other Stories

Pre-Order Now: Small Kingdoms and Other Stories

Available for Pre-Order from Subterranean Press: Small Kingdoms and Other Stories by Charlaine Harris

Only 1000 copies total in the print run!

Small Kingdoms and Other Stories brings together beloved #1 New York Times bestseller Charlaine Harris’s deliciously twisted tales about two people with specialized talents making a small town high school into a place like no other.

From Publisher’s Weekly:

“The four stories in this slight collection from bestseller Harris (the Southern Vampire mysteries) center on Anne DeWitt, the principal of Travis High School in Colleton County, N.C. Under a different name, Anne was once an instructor at a secret training program that taught students ‘to be masters of close fighting’; many of them became ‘wonderful killers.’ Those who like violence conveyed with a light touch will be most satisfied.”

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