Books & Blog: October 19, 2015

Books & Blog: October 19, 2015

Books of the Week:

  • Alive, Scott Sigler
  • The Bestseller, Olivia Goldsmith
  • Undead and Unforgiven, MaryJanice Davidson
  • Fate’s Edge, Ilona Andrews

Scott Sigler’s written a book that is about young adults, but I’m not sure if it’s for young adults. It’s plenty unsettling. It continues to be disturbing until the last page. A young woman, M. Savage, forces her way out of a coffin in a room filled with other coffins. Some of the people in the coffins are still alive, like M. Savage. Gradually, they find that they are in a vast edifice, and there are other things in there, too. I’m not going to elaborate on the plot any more, because you deserve the many surprises in Alive.

The Bestseller was written in 1996, but it’s still enthralling. This is a literary soap opera, set in the world of publishing with all its exaggerated characters and the crazy luck that sets one book on top, and another one (possibly more deserving) on the bottom. But it is a satisfying revenge story! Anyone who’s been in publishing or wondered how it words can have a good time reading this book.

MaryJanice Davidson has been writing the story of Betsy, accidental Queen of the Vampires, for . . . well, quite a while now. Undead and Unforgiven is the best one I’ve read yet. Betsy remodels Hell and throws out all the old rules, and she actually pulls a fast one on her husband, Sinclair. Maybe besides his adoration, she can earn his respect? These are delightful books.

Fate’s Edge is (obviously) one of Ilona Andrews’ Edge novels. Though I am not as addicted to these books as I am to the Kate Daniels series, Andrews’ books are always a good read with superior characterization and a pleasant flair for unpredictability.


 Finally, it’s cooled off in mid-Texas, and I don’t think we’ll have another real hot spell. Tiny leaves are blowing across the yard and coming in the door with the dogs. I’ve gotten out my Halloween decorations. Along with almost everyone else in America, I’ve gradually become brainwashed into thinking of Halloween through January 1 as “The Holiday Season.” I’ve resisted for years, but the ads have me beaten into submission.

Part of this thinking is the inevitable calculation about whom we can expect for which celebration. We mentally rearrange rooms and meals and schedules, now that in-laws must have their share of kid-time, too.

At least Halloween is easy. We’ve started going up to see the grandkids in their costumes. Nothing is more adorable, at least to us! This year, our granddaughter can understand what all the fuss is about, and our grandson is extremely excited! Halloween is his favorite. He loves “spooooooky” stuff, and takes us up and down the street to admire his neighbors’ yard decorations.

After that, the schedule will get more complicated. I have a book to write, a house to decorate, and meals to cook, and juggling all that can be a complicated procedure, and not a little tense. But the happiness of seeing family, and celebrating with them, is a pleasant prospect.

I’ve gotten all that from the cooler weather. It’s a little strange how the temperature can change what we think about and find ourselves anticipating.

Is Fall your favorite season, too?


Charlaine Harris