News: Dead of Night

“Dancers in the Dark,” my only true romantic work, has been repackaged again. This time DITD comes with a different accompanying novella, a different collective title, and with a new cover. Now I’m paired with[…]

May 8, 2013

Books of the Week: The Vampire Tapestry, Suzy McKee Charnas Under the Hill: Bomber’s Moon, Alex Beecroft Blood Oranges, Kathleen Tierney The Last Policeman, Ben Winters Suzy McKee Charnas wrote The Vampire Tapestry in 1980, and I’m[…]

Dead Ever After

Dead Ever After

  Book 13 (and the final novel) in the Sookie Stackhouse Series. Ace, May 7, 2013, ISBN-10: 193700788X ISBN-13: 978-1937007881 (H) Purchase from Amazon | Purchase from Barnes & Noble   LIMITED EDITION: A slip-cased,[…]

News: Dead Ever After

DEAD EVER AFTER, which will be on the shelves May 7, 2013, has the best cover ever. Lisa Desimini has given my books a distinctive look from the very beginning with DEAD UNTIL DARK. I’m[…]

News: Lisa Desimini Prints

Lisa Desimini, the talented artist who designs the Sookie Stackhouse covers, offers prints of the cover art for sale on her website. Since Lisa is a working artist, these prints are not free, which Lisa[…]

February 21, 2013

Books of the Week: Undead and Underwater, MaryJanice Davidson City of Dark Magic, Magnus Flyte Hit Me, Lawrence Block And When She was Good, Laura Lippman What a wonderful lot of books I had to[…]



  (Southern Vampire / Sookie Steakhouse Series, book 12) Ace, May 1, 2012, ISBN-10: 1937007448 ISBN-13: 978-1937007447 (H) Ace, Mary 2013, ISBN-10: 0425256383, ISBN-13: 978-0425256381(P) Purchase from Amazon | Purchase from Barnes and Noble