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    I have rewritten the ending to the series. Most everyone I spoke to doesn’t like her with Sam. Is the somewhere I can submit it to see what y’all think?


      Interesting MSGelinas! I listened to all the books (more than once) and I always thought it was obvious that Sookie would end up with Sam (and said that more than once on this forum and elsewhere). Maybe my experience would have been different if I had read the text versions instead. Hmmmm.


        crossfox – I’m not sure what the right thing to say here is: Congratulations!(?) Good luck!(?) I’m thinking of you in this period of change in your life!(?) But, please just imagine that I said something appropriate and I wish you the best on your next adventures.


        Audiobooklover: Yeah, it was obvious to me while reading but not as blatantly obvious, if that makes sense?


        Crossfox: My 1 year anniversary of my divorce was this past Saturday.


          Fanfic is not allowed on this board, as is the case with the vast majority of author-owned boards, due to legal issues. When authors see fanfic, fanfic writers have been known to sue them later for plagiarizing the fanfic, even if the author’s work was already in the publication process when the fanfic was written. So there is no place on this board for fanfic.

          I’m not the moderator here, so I don’t know whether posting links is acceptable. You may read the Forum Rules page to find out. If you’ve read the above posts, you know that most of the posters here are happy with the way the author ended the series. While I am mindful that one of my favorite authors wrote fanfic for years before having her own work accepted for publication, most of the fanfic I have seen has not held my attention. I’m a grammar geek who skates pretty close to the autism spectrum, and really can’t read anything longer than a page that is not adequately proofread and edited.

          Sam was not my favorite character of Sookie’s suitors – I enjoyed reading about Eric more – but I was never of the opinion that my views were superior to those of the author, and I never thought Sookie would end up with Eric permanently, given the world building and character building of the series. It’s great that people can write their own endings if they don’t like the author’s, but my time is precious and my reading priorities do not include fanfic.


            Congratulations are definitely in order. There’s still a lot of disentangling to be done after 38 years together and 34 married. Life is good though.


            I didn’t post to offend anyone especially the author. I just had another thought and was curious where I might post my thoughts.

            I’m new to this and that’s why I asked a question?


              I suspected you were, which is why I edited my response extensively through at least four drafts, to be more diplomatic before I posted it. New posters are courteously directed to the Forum Rules page, but it is sadly apparent that most of them don’t bother with it. Had you gone there, you would have seen in bold print that fanfic is strictly forbidden. Unfortunately the FAQs page seems to be blank at the moment, which will hopefully be rectified. That page should hold information on posting links.

              Although you obviously have been communicating mostly with shippers, there is a significant contingent of readers who respect the author’s intent, which was clear to anyone who kept an open mind about Sookie’s relationships. Anyone who has read Ms. Harris’ other series knows that she writes mysteries and urban fantasy, not paranormal romance. In other words, the romance is not the dominant element of the story in her books; the romance is there to serve the plot and the characters, rather than the other way round.

              Those of us who were around at the time of publication remember the outpouring of abuse against Ms. Harris when the final book in the series was published. We are protective of her because people who ignored all the clues she included about Sam posted seriously nasty comments on Ms. Harris’ own forum and really, all over the web. Amazon, Goodreads, you name it. Please remember that Ms. Harris owns this forum. You are in her virtual living room. Reread at your post with that perspective in mind. Consider whether you would have worded your comment in the same way, had you researched this board a little more thoroughly.

              We’re always happy to meet new readers who appreciate and respect Ms. Harris’ talents. If that is the case, welcome to the board.


              I was on this board back then and remember the abuse Mrs Harris suffered. I was so sad for her. It was absolutely terrible! I had figured out Sam was end game pretty early. I remember reading early on that she had said that she knew the ending after the first book. That automatically cancelled out Erik and anybody met after first book ) for end game. At another point she said Sookie would never be a vampire ( canceling Bill) Sookie loved kids and the sun! Meaning she needed to be with someone who could give her both and yet was in the first book. That left Sam. If I remember correctly Crossfire, weren’t you one of the mods? I actually have a question for Ms. Harris, would she ever consider writing a paranormal romance again? As for shippers I think that’s pretty normal anytime a romantic triangle is involved. Think Vampire diaries or Twilight Saga. Please don’t confuse my words as comparing the Southern Vampire Chronicles to those others ( which basically were for tweens) only throwing out the example of triangles and how since we all luckily have different romantic taste, once involved in the books we will all pick our favs. Frankly I liked Bill. That wasn’t a real popular decision at the time. However, I always knew it was not to be simply by listening to Ms Harris herself. I absolutely adore Ms. Harris. I still have some of her cards. I displayed them with pride when received. Almost with bragging rights they were from my friend! Ms Harris, and her books helped get me through 6 months of chemo. I even wrote her a long letter back then on Facebook messenger while im chemotherapy brain fog, which she replied to. Later rereading what I wrote while I’m a high temperature was down right embarrassing. Much misspelling and incohesive and rambling like a crazy person in parts But she graciously looked past all that. She is just a good person. I think we can see much of Ms. Harris’s goodness in Sookie’s personality and thought patterns. Which is why I was so saddened by how fans later treated her.These books have given many hours of joy. But they were written for entertainment purposes. To treat an author badly whom you enjoyed for years because you became obsessed with a make believe character is not okay. Ms. Harris is not make believe, she is a real person with real feelings. She is a good person. I can only hope that those who treated her badly where teens or young adults ( not that that excuses it). Myself I’m 55, and grateful for the respite from reality that Miss Harris provided. I eagerly awaited each new release. I actually only read Twilight Saga and Vampire diaries because I was in Sookie withdrawal while waiting for the next book. Those other books never held a candle to Ms Harris’s books that had so many elements and layers. Maybe I should change my handle to gratefulreader


              I enjoyed the books. I didn’t know about all the bad publicity surrounding the books. She seems like a nice lady and I would love to read other stuff she’s done.

              I don’t even know what fanfic was until about 3 days ago. I liked the ending, just had thoughts about a different direction and wrote it down.

              Sorry for the post. I honestly didn’t know I did anything wrong.


              I don’t mind the ending. Actually this is the 2nd series that I’ve read. I can read, it just has to capture my interest and these books do (still reading them, bought the books). I just wondered it this had been different whom would she had been with.

              I’ve never tried anything like this and it started out as my thoughts and became something more.

              Ms. Harris seems like a great lady and I truly ment no offense to her.


                We appreciate that and welcome you here. The natives really are friendly; we just get a little defensive on occasion due to experience. Ms. Harris has several good series and through her Book&Blog, most of us have been introduced to other authors we love such as Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, and many more. Have fun exploring!


                  Hi, everyone. Christinaandjame, I hope you find somewhere you can publish your work, and talk to like-minded people. But as you now know, that place is not here. However, I always welcome anyone who enjoys reading and likes my work. It took me a few years to get over the fallout when I ended the Sookie series, but I’m calm about it now. However, when people ask me if I’d write more books about Sookie . . . I shudder. Thanks for your responses, Crossfox and MsGelinas.



                  I’m sorry about the fallout with the ending of Sookie. I’m sorry that my inquiry led to this.

                  Thanks for responding to my post and I’m truly sorry if I offended you ?

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