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      Use this thread to discuss urban fantasies, science fictions, or fantasy book by other authors.

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      New Ilona Andrews BLOOD HEIR is out! Spinoff from the Kate Daniels series featuring Julie, Derek, and Ascanio. I just started it, and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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      Charlaine Harris

      I’m always excited when I get a new Ilona Andrews book.

      Charlaine Harris

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      I really enjoyed the online discussion with Gordon and Ilona about Blood Heir. I first met Ilona at RT in Daytona when she was there after the first Kate Daniels book was released. I thought she was a hilarious person and subsequent meetings just reinforced that impression. I remember the Charlatans had a party at Charlaines rented condo when we were at RT at Orlando, I think, and Ilona came with a group of other authors. We had such a wonderful time-one of my favorite memories!

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      Naomi Novik’s new Scholomance book, THE LAST GRADUATE, is out today! If you haven’t yet read A DEADLY EDUCATION, you will definitely need to read that one first. There’s a huge but necessary info dump in the beginning of ADE. TLG, on the other hand, jumps right in where ADE left off. I’ve only read the first couple of pages, and have to leave the rest for later tonight and (if I have enough self-control to quit reading at a reasonable hour) tomorrow. I feel this is the new generation’s spiritual successor to Harry Potter, in its ideas and writing. Whether it will be as madly successful is another story, but if life were fair it would be.

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